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Our Staff

Head Teacher A Boychuk
Deputy Head Teacher J Ruprai
Upper Phase Leader B Hewitt
Middle Phase Leader & SENCO T Heer-Smith
Early Years Phase Leader N Gareja
Year 6 Jaguars 1 S  Armitage / J Ruprai
Year 6 Pumas 2 S Hill
Year 5 Ospreys 3 S Jennings
Year 5 Eagles 4 Se Foster / Ai Adam
Year 5 Kestrals 5 S Cassamo
Year 4 Toucans 6 B Hewitt
Year 4 Iguanas 7 M Chopdat
Year 3 Polar bears 8 Sh Foster
Year 3 Seals 9 P Kelly
Year 3 Penguins 10 H Raja
Year 2 Dolphins 11 J Gill
Year 2 Seahorses 12 S Dulay
Year 2 Starfish 13 T Heer-Smith
Year 1 Hedgehogs 14 An Adam
Year 1 Foxes 15 A Patel
Yaer 1 Badgers 16 E Kenny
Reception Butterflies 17 F Patel
M Neilan
Reception Dragonflies 18 N Gareja
S Mussa
Reception Ladybirds 19 K Mistry
S Mahomed
Nursery AM Busy Ants
Nursery PM Busy Bees
N Smith
S Odedra
PE Team C Wynne / M Bull / N Ruperelia
IT Network Manager / Instructor P Ellam
HLTA S Trivedi
Office Manager A Lonsdale
Attendance and Welfare H Rawat
Clerical Officer A Bham
Premises Officer P Brewin
Maintenance Officer A Rimes
Sports Apprentice J Brown
Midday Manager T Asra
Teaching Assistants S Adam
F Ali
T Asra
N Choudary
Y Desai
B Dhillon
N Furlong
B Ghelani
H Grewal
S Janar
C Kenyon
L Keirnan
P Modi
S Mahomed
S Mussa
M Neilan
S Odedra
P Patel
V Pankania
K Rimes
P Sundavadra
A Tyler
Breakfast Club H Grewal ( Leader)
B Dhillon
N Furlong
After School Club N Choudary (Co-Leader)
V Pankhania (Co-Leader)
S Janar
P Patel