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Whitehall Primary School

Vision Statement – Our Ethos and Values

`Dedicated to Excellence ... Learning For Life’

Our pupils have a happy, caring and stimulating environment. They are motivated to work hard and reach their full potential through a challenging and vibrant curriculum.

Our pupils develop lively, enquiring minds, giving them the ability to reason and question.

Our pupils acquire the knowledge and skills needed in this fast changing world. They develop literacy, mathematical, scientific, computing and creative skills.

Our pupils care and respect other people, their faiths and traditions. They are learning to be active citizens showing care and responsibility for the world in which we all live.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing high quality teaching and learning
  • Providing equality of opportunity
  • Respecting and caring for everyone
  • Enabling access to a wide carefully planned balanced curriculum, catering for all needs
  • Using our resources wisely
  • Working towards independence in thought and action
  • Developing positive relationships with parents and communicating effectively with home
  • Playing a full role in the community that we serve
  • Providing a clean, safe attractive environment
  • Expecting high standards in behaviour and learning
  • Promoting responsibility for the care our environment
  • Fostering an understanding of the wider world

All aspects of our policies and practices in school are underpinned by the values we uphold and the way the whole school and community interacts with each other. We expect everyone to be responsible for their own behaviour, to respect the rights of others and share our values.