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School Information

At our school we aim to develop the child academically, socially, morally and spiritually. We aim to provide equal opportunities for all our children to succeed to the best of their ability.
We provide a carefully planned and managed curriculum in which we offer continuity and progression from the Nursery through to Year 6.
Our broad and balanced curriculum includes all the subjects of the national curriculum with particular emphasis on the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Computing.

The Governors conducted a survey during our Parents' Evening in the Spring Term 2017. 



 General sample of responses from parents


  • Diversity, good values, high standards and expectations.
  • We feel confident that the school will encourage the children to work to the best of their ability and are happy that the school mirror the expectations we have (2)
  • Communication between teachers and parents (6)
  • Good teaching, good feedback and workshops (1)
  • Happy children / good work ethic (3)
  • Feels safe (1,5)
  • The school dinners are good (1)
  • Treats all the children equal (6,3)
  • The staff – fantastic support and they genuinely seem to care ®
  • My child is always looking forward to coming to school – doing a good job! (6)
  • Good staff, nice afterschool provisions & good communications via schoolcoms (5, 2)
  • The staff at Whitehall are very kind and caring towards children and parents.
  • The clean atmosphere in the building. It’s safe and anti-bullying free. (6,4)
  • Good communication. It is identified when children are struggling and help is offered. (1)
  • The standards at school of behaviour and education (4)
  • How the school gets involved in all events such as McMillan and Rald Dahl Day
  • Treating each child as an individual and focusing on each child’s needs (N)
  • Communication – parentmail is great – always up to date
  • Staff, creative curriculum, governors!
  • Good values – nice to hear the children explain about good manners and behaviours that are kind to others (2,3)
  • Wonderful events such as the multicultural assemblies and charity events (6)
  • Strict on attendance so it keeps parents aware to not let children miss school (1)
  • Fun activities and assemblies
  • Good workshops for parents eg internet safety (R)
  • They work extra with dyslexia and even put on a course for parents to understand (1)