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Complaints Procedure

If you do have a problem that you are concerned about, please come in and discuss it with your child’s class teacher.

We hope that any problems will be resolved at an early informal stage, but please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Boychuk if you have any further worries.

There is a formal complaints procedure in accordance with L.A. guidance but we hope that we will be able to sort out any problems satisfactorily at an early stage before recourse to formal procedures.

Child Protection Policy

This school takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of the children and young people entrusted to its care.

We also work in partnership with other agencies, Health, the Social Services Department and the Police, who share our commitment to protecting children. Occasionally this means that we may need to consult with them about the safety of individual children, initially without reference to you. This procedure is in line with DFEE guidelines and the Child Protection Procedures produced by the Leicestershire Area Child Protection Committee. If you have any questions about these procedures please come and speak with the Headteacher.